April 14, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Rockets power forward Terrence Jones (6) shoots a free throw against the Sacramento Kings in the second quarter at the Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Update on Terrence Jones

Today, the Oregonian, an on-line Oregon newspaper released comments from Terrence Jones’ lawyer.  In the article, Jones’ lawyer gives us a brief, but better look at his side of the story.  In fact, the author, Mike Tokito, even says that social media is a major cause of why there is a “rush to judgement” on Jones.  It’s an interesting perspective on the story and a good read for those who are interested.  The link to the entire article is below.  However, here are some key notes from the article:

  • The family of Jones and Portland attorney Kevin O’Connell have known each other for quite some time.  Here is O’Connell’s take on Jones’ character:

“This lad is really a quiet, nice young man,” O’Connell told me Thursday. “I’ve known the family for better than 40 years. This is not his character to do something like this.”

  • O’Connell on Jones’ Side of the story:

“Terrence was pantomiming like he was playing defense with a friend, didn’t look where he was going, and got tangled with the guy, who was partially on the sidewalk.”

  •  The article then goes on to further explain what happened after Jones said “Wake up” to Daniel Kellerher, the alleged victim that was stomped by Jones.

According to police, Jones “raised his leg and stomped down” on Kellerher’s leg.

“He did say, ‘Wake up.’ He may have pantomimed kicking him. He didn’t stomp him. I don’t know why the officer used ‘stomped.’ Terrence is 250 pounds, probably has a size 15 foot, I don’t know. If he stomped the guy, he would have had some medical attention to the guy. The guy used a cane both before and after, had a little bit of a limp, but it had nothing to do with the incident,” said O’Connell

Check out the entire story here: http://www.oregonlive.com/nba/index.ssf/2013/08/nba_high-5_397.html


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