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University of Kentucky: The Return of the Mailbag

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As summer starts to draw to a close and the kids get ready to head back to school (parents are currently out and about purchasing champagne for the occasion), I thought I’d dive back into the mailbag to answer some of the most pressing questions from folks in the Big Blue Nation.*

Jul 17, 2013; Hoover, AL, USA; Kentucky Wildcats head coach Mark Stoops talks with the media during the 2013 SEC football media days at the Hyatt Regency. Mandatory Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

“How do you feel about Coach Stoops instituting a more formal dress code for the players on Gamedays?”

- Allison, Somerset

I’m glad you asked. I, for one, think that a man’s wardrobe says a lot about him. So when I heard that Coach Stoops wanted the team to grab their suits and ties for the Cat Walk to Commonwealth, I was ecstatic. Clothes make the man and you have to dress for success and all that.  I think it speaks more to the fundamental changes that Stoops and his staff are making within the offices of the football complex and, more importantly, in the mind of the players. Kentucky Football means business. And those gray uniforms that are circulating the internet? Those boys are going to be looking pretty good when the season gets started.

“Did you hear about Louisville’s best athletic season in the history of the world? EVER?!?!?”

- Tom, Louisville

I’ve heard of such things, yes.

“What are you most looking forward to in the fall with UK Athletics?”

- Mary Lou, Hopkinsville

Like most of Big Blue Nation, I’m excited about the start of football. The team can be (and I believe will be) more improved, but their record may not reflect that improvement, but such is life in the SEC.  I’m excited about the start of the Men’s Basketball season and how quickly the team will come together. Because, quite frankly, it’s time for the Empire to Strike Back.  But the one thing I’m most looking forward to? Women’s Hoops Coach Matthew Mitchell’s entrance at Big Blue Madness. Who’s with me?

“You live it Louisville. How has life been for a Kentucky putting up with all those Cardinal fans?”

-Jay O., Lexington

Fortunately, the good folks at Maker’s Mark continue producing their fine refreshing beverage. On a serious note, being a Kentucky fan in Louisville is like being a missionary in a third world nation. The Card fans ways and customs are so primitive and so strange to us that it’s easy to look down on them. But when it’s taken into context that this is all they know, you have to be compassionate. They’re going to throw up their “L’s.” They’re going to put chicken buckets on their heads at basketball games. They’re going to attempt to convince you that 3 is somehow greater than 8. My advice, be strong in your Big Blue convictions and continue preaching the gospel according to Rupp.


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