Kentucky Wildcat Basketball: Louisville Cards 2013 National Championship Rings

The University of Louisville’s 2013 Men’s Basketball National Championship team received their rings today.

The ring, a traditional award for players and coaching staff involved in the winning of national championships, was given to all Cardinals’ involved in their 3rd NCAA tournament championship.

Their arrival is just in time of their trip to the White House where they will meet with President Barack Obama where every one of the players will be present, with the exception of Russ Smith.

For more information on the ring, including weight, amount of diamonds, sizes, and if it’ll turn any fingers green when given to girlfriends or baby mommas to wear on chains around their necks, please see your local TV listings for upcoming episodes of “Pawn Stars”, “Hardcore Pawn”, or “Storage Wars”, as its expected to ultimately make it on one of the shows after it is used as collateral for new tattoos.

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