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Kentucky Wildcat Basketball: First Rule of Wildcat Code, You Don't talk about Wildcat Code

In an interview with the Courier-Journal this weekend, incoming Kentucky freshemen Dominique Hawkins spoke of life in Lexington, with the University of Kentucky, and as a member of the Men’s Basketball program. During the interview, Hawkins may have accidentally leaked information about a new point-based reward system introduced to the players called the “Wildcat Code.”

Hawkins described the code as an accumulation of points for each player, where specific task can earn up to four points per day. Players have a goal to earn 80 points before a date in time. If they don’t make it, they lose the privilege of using the Wildcat locker room, something last years team was often accused of taking for granted. If they reach 100, they get the honor of a Kentucky jersey.

Points are given for things like sitting in front of the class, showing teachers their notes afterward and displaying extra hustle in workouts, says Hawkins.

According to Calipari, the points are given “as a grade every day, one for academics and another for physical development. The two grades are then added together.” It is all in an effort to ensure  “these guys earn everything. Nothing is given; everything is earned.”

As for Hawkins’own progress, “I’m doing all right; I think I’ve got 18 or 19 points right now…The highest is 23. Willie has that. He’s overachieving.”

As for the other Wildcats or their final tally, John Calipari took to Twitter today to put the questions to rest.



And in the traditional Calipari fashion, what good new BBN summer tool would be complete without the cliffhanger?

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