The Future of Coaching for Team USA Basketball

Earlier this week Duke’s legendary coach Mike Krzyzewski announced that he will remain as the head coach of USA Basketball at least throughout the 2016 Olympics.  Krzyzewski began as an assistant coach for the team in 1979 and took over as the head coach in 2005.  Coach Krzyzewski has proven himself as an incredible coach time and time again as he is the winningest coach in men’s college basketball history, has won four NCAA Championships, and has been named Naismith College Coach of the Year three times.  His Olympic coaching history is just as impressive.  Since Krzyzewski has been the head coach, Team USA has acquired a record of 62-1 and won Olympic Gold Medals in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics.  As great as Krzyzweski has been for Team USA basketball, it certainly appears that his head coaching days for the squad may come to an end after the 2016 Olympics.  Therefore, Team USA must look ahead into finding a new candidate for the head coaching position.

Gary Parrish, a college basketball insider, wrote an article a couple of days ago about possible college coaches he thinks may be right for the job.  The coaches he suggested are John Calipari (Kentucky), Billy Donovan (Florida), Tom Izzo (Michigan State), Bill Self (Kansas), and Brad Stevens (Butler).  He went on to write a few sentences for each coach as to why he thinks they would fit for the Team USA head coaching position.  Each of these coaches is incredibly talented and it’s difficult to say one is better than the other or more suited for coaching Team USA.

Parrish makes some solid and convincing statements for those coaches and I think each of them could get the job done for Team USA.  If I had to choose, I would probably suggest either Billy Donovan or Bill Self to be the next head coach.  I think Calipari could do the job but I’m more concerned about his job with Kentucky.  He already has to juggle so many different things with trying to bring in the best recruits and be a contender for the national title each year that I think being the coach of Team USA would detract from that and be a little too much on his plate.  I think Bill Self and Billy Donovan are two intelligent and tough coaches that could take command of a Team USA squad and demand and achieve greatness just like Krzyzewski has.

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