Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Recruiting: The Andrew Wiggins saga may be coming to an end

Sorry guys, but I have to write ANOTHER story about Andrew Wiggins. This whole process is almost over, and I promise you I will not bother you with his name again unless he has a 30 point game for Kentucky next season.

On Saturday night Jerry Meyer from 247sports tweeted out that he expects Wiggins decision to come on Tuesday, and his parents are on their way to Huntington for the announcement. Meyer also tweeted that he expects Florida State to land the #1 prospect in the country, and puts Kansas as the dark horse. I don’t agree with him on Kansas being in 2nd place, but like he said its his guess on where Wiggins will attend school next season.

I have spoke to Huntington Prep coach Rob Fulford a lot over this whole recruitment, and he admits that he has no idea where Andrew is going. Fulford also tweeted out last night that “Nothing is official for an announcement as of yet, and will pass along the date when he confirms it with Andrew.” So the whole Tuesday decision date could be another rumor, but it seems to be coming to an end.

If you have been under a rock for the last 6 months Wiggins will pick between four schools, and they are Kentucky, Florida State, Kansas, and North Carolina. Florida State, and Kentucky have always been the so called “leaders” for Wiggins according to national media members. I would say that one of FSU or UK will get Wiggins whenever he decides. Kansas, and North Carolina have made a great push, and neither school would surprise me, but I just think Florida State and Kentucky are the leaders.

I will not pick who I think the choice will be; because I want to give you guys information that I will feel comfortable with, and I honestly have no clue what Andrew Wiggins is thinking, and neither does anybody outside of his family.

I will continue to watch the situation closely these next 48 hours, and pass anything I learn along to you guys.

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