Kentucky Wildcats Basketball fans have waited longer than this for a commitment

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Another day passes and I guess you can say we are another day closer to an Andrew Wiggins decision. To be honest, the wait does not really bother me. I know like Christmas, or any other holiday, the day will eventually come and the world nwill know where Wiggins will go. Of the past nine number one players, Wiggins is the one that has stretched his recruitment out the longest. Nerlens Noel decided to go to Kentucky on April 11 of his senior year … and that was the previous “record” for the longest it took a number one to decide.

It should be noted that both Noel and Wiggins both reclassified into their current class. And while the fanbases of FSU, UNC and Kansas are extremely impatient with Wiggins, Wildcat fans have waited this long before.

In 2009, John Wall – the #2 player in 2009, decided on May 19. Patrick Patterson did not decide until May 16.

So relax, Wildcat fans. We have been here before. And it has worked out.


And make no doubt about it. Andrew Wiggins is well worth the wait. And as of now, no one has a clue where Wiggins is going. Not even the dozens of twitter accounts that have “UK Recruiting” or “Recruiting” in their twitter handle. Trust me, if Paul Biancardi, ESPN’s director of basketball recruiting doe not know, a local twitter account that proclaims to be a recruiting expert does not know either:


“I have no idea where he is going to go. I will tell you that everybody who is recruiting him thinks the other guy is getting him. Nobody feels comfortable that they are getting him. It’s because he keeps everything so close to himself,” Biancardi said Sunday in Allen Fieldhouse.

The former Wright State head coach spent the weekend coaching at Bill Self’s Fantasy Basketball Experience.

“I think he’s shut it down,” Biancardi added of Wiggins, a 6-foot-7 senior forward from Huntington (W. Va.) Prep. “Nobody really knows where they are standing.”


February 12, 2013; Gainesville, FL, USA; Kentucky Wildcats forward Nerlens Noel (3) against the Florida Gators during the first half at the Stephen C. O

I know that this story is a day or two late, but I have not gotten to write about it due to the fact I was out with kidney stones. And I’m not going to miss a chance to talk about Nerlens Noel at the Derby with 7 year old Kelly Melton. We say too many times that Cal “gets it”, but its apparent that Cal is not the the only one that does. It makes me proud to be a UK and a Noel fan after seeing a video like this:


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