Kentucky Wildcats Athletics: The new WBN Podcast is on the air


For all intent and purposes, the school year is pretty much over for the University of Kentucky.  But as we all know, Kentucky Wildcat Athletics never stops.  So we had to have a podcast to put an end to the athletic season and tie up some loose ends.  I have to admit, I missed a lot on the podcasts due to kidney stones, but I was back with a passion and was joined by football editor Kyle, Darren Durham, and James Streble.

Even with school ending, with had a lot to talk about.  Among the topics discussed:

  • Update on Ashely Lowery
  • Justin Taylor starts the attrition process for Kentucky football
  • Where will Drew Barker end up?
  • Are the expectations for Barker fair and realistic?
  • recapping the latest football commits
  • Was Joker Phillips in over his head?
  • The new culture Mark Stoops has brought to UK
  • Andrew Wiggins, of course
  • Can the Harrisons co-exist with Wiggins?
  • the NCAA and Duke/Kansas/UNC/Clint Hurtt
  • can any governing system work for college sports?
  • and more!!!
As always, you can go here to access the podcasts in iTunes and you can subscribe and even download them to your phone for easy on the go podcast.  Or you can listen below.  Either way, make sure you give us a good rating and tell your friends to check us out.

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