Kentucky Wildcats Football: Ashely Lowery Update

Granted, there have not been a ton of updates on Ashely Lowery’s condition, but the ones that are released seem to be promising.  More details have emerged on the accident as well.

As reported earlier, Lowery was involved in a single car accident early Saturday morning.  The car flipped several times and Lowery, who was not wearing a seat-belt, was ejected from the car and landed about 100 feet from the car’s final resting spot.  The latest report is that the injuries are not life threatening and that Lowery is still in the ICU  in stable condition was  had  his breathing tube removed today.   He is reported to have a neck injury, injuries to his left hip and wrist, and a gash on his right leg.  The good news is that Lowery does not seem to have suffered any serious head or brain injuries.

Kyle Tucker has tweeted that Lowery is awake and is recognizing family members and is answering questions correctly.  He is also moving his arms and legs, which is a big relief.

I know that some site have focussed on the fact that Lowery was not wearing his seatbelt, but Tucker tweeted that per family spokeman Doug Stutsman. the fact that Lowery was not wearing a seatbelt and got ejected may have actually saved his life.  Tucker tweeted a picture of the car and after seeing the car, I tend to agree with that statement:

photo courtesy of Kyle Tucker’s Twitter: @KyleTucker_CJ

Hopefully we will have more information on Lowery later today but continue to keep Lowery and his family in your thoughts and prayers. It certainly looks as things are about as good as can be expected.

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