Kentucky Wildcat Basketball: Previewing Aaron and Andrew Harrison

The Harrison twins, as we all know, are the real deal. What they can bring for Kentucky is something totally different than what we’ve seen since the John Wall team. They have the will and passion to win just as the team four years ago had. These brothers have a win at all cost attitude and a will to win that was missing from last years team.   Another addition that they bring is their height. The 6 foot 5 duo guards will make the Wildcats, with out a doubt, the tallest team in the country this coming season.

Even though Andrew and Aaron Harrison are twins, they bring a different game. A great comparison to Andrew Harrison would be Tyreke Evans. He’s nearly impossible to keep out of the lane while always finishing in traffic. Most importantly, Andrew can score in many different ways and is a terrific playmaker off the dribble. The only concern that I see is an inconsistent 3-point jump shot. He can be very streaky from downtown.

Aaron Harrison is just a little bit different from his brother. A great comparison for him would be Joe Johnson. He is an outstanding offensive player with the ability to knock down mid-range and 3-point jumpers, and has improved his play-making ability. When his shot is off, he can carry an offense and can score in a variety of ways. The ball handling ability he possesses has raised his ceiling.

Kentucky is a program that is known for winning, and that’s what the Harrison twins can bring back to Lexington along with the rest of the 2013 recruiting class. The twins, like Willie Cauley-Stein, played football in high school which can produce tough and elite basketball players. The agility, speed, confidence, and motivation is not a problem with these guys. These characteristics are a necessity to win championships and to compete with the best in college basketball.

The Twins are bringing high expectations to the Big Blue Nation this upcoming season. Anything short of a championship next season is expected next year and some fans are already talking about a 40-0 campaign.   It’s huge and unrealistic expectations to place on a pair of freshman brothers, but if any set of recruits can deliver that, it would be this pair.   Despite the crush of expectations, Andrew and Aaron seem to welcome the challenge, rather than run from it.

John Calipari is known for producing NBA quality back courts and to add to they hype, it looks like the 2013-14 edition could be his best.  Look out for a season with attitude and determination that the Harrison twins will have, to bring a historic title number nine to the Big Blue Nation and the University.


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