Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Recruiting: An update on Andrew Wiggins

Not a lot has changed in the Andrew Wiggins recruitment in the last two months or so, but rumors are flying and I wanted to talk about some of those.

I keep seeing people who say they have “sources” say that he may be down to two schools, and I have saw a combination of all the schools involved. That’s not true at all, because I saw Andrew at the Mcdonald’s All-American games last week in Chicago and I honestly feel he has no idea where he wants to go to school yet. I know people start hearing things when its closer to decision time, but I don’t believe anything I see on twitter/facebook etc. unless it’s coming out of his mouth.

One rumor that may have some power behind it is that he is a Nike guy all the way. What this means is that he most likely will not go to any school other than those that wear Nike. The only one on his final list that wears adidas is Kansas. I firmly believe the shoe companies have major influence on elite stars making thier decision. Although the Harrison Twins seem to be UA guys, and they signed with Kentucky so you never know, but I do believe this will have some effect on his decision.

I broke this today on twitter about Wiggins maybe giving Louisville a look before his recruitment is over, and the reason I said this was because Louisville is losing one of their assistants in Kareem Richardson  who took the UMKC job earlier this season. Rob Fulford is Huntington Prep’s head coach, and has been friends with Rick Pitino for a while now after Rick gave Gorgui Dieng a full ride 4 years ago. Rob told me via text that he is interested in the coaching position if they offer, but made sure to tell me he would never use Wiggins as a way to get the job. I think it’s a very long shot that Wiggins even gives Louisville a look, but Rob told me things could change.

I hate to keep writing about a kid every week because there are so many other prospects out there, but I wanted to just clear up some of the rumors that were flying around. My advice to everybody is to wait till you hear something out of Wiggins himself.

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