Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Rumor mill runs wild on Friday night



If you’re busy getting ready for tomorrow’s UK spring football scrimmage or Keeneland–or both, you’re probably wondering what could be so newsworthy on this Friday night. Well, so far nothing of real substance. But…

  • ESPN’s Keith Jenkins says that according to a good source, Andrew Wiggins will commit to FSU. He also mentions in his tweet that nothing is “official” as of now, but that he trusts his source. My question is: why are you asking for attention on a Friday night? If Wiggins commits to FSU, then so be it. But don’t try to be the first one to put answers out in public, when Wiggins himself said he will not commit until near the end of the signing period.
  • Also, @RecruitKentucky on Twitter says that Nerlens Noel is considering returning. No date is set for him making an announcement, but the word on the street is that it will be soon.
  • And as for football, rumor has it that UK could be close to 60,000 in attendance at tomorrow’s spring game. From Kyle Tucker of the Louisville Courier-Journal: “49,000 public tickets have been reserved and another 11,000 have been distributed to area elementary and middle school children who had to earn the tickets by meeting classroom performance goals. So that’s 60,000 tickets out for Kentucky’s spring game.”

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