Madison Central point guard Dominique Hawkins. Photo by Jason Marcum

Thank John Calipari's Dentist for Helping Get Dominique Hawkins to Kentucky



It’s been quite a journey for Dominique Hawkins in getting to his dream school, the University of Kentucky. His electrifying Sweet 16 MVP performance, coupled with an outstanding senior season in which he averaged 20 points per game while leading Madison Central to a school-record 32 wins and their first state title is thought to be what finally pushed John Calipari into offering him a scholarship. But little did the world know that there was a man working behind the scenes since Calipari came to Kentucky to make sure he knew about Hawkins and pushed for him to eventually become a Kentucky Wildcat.

That man was Cal’s own dentist, Doctor Robert Palmer, according to Madison Central Head Coach Allen Feldhaus Jr.:

Every time Cal would come to the dentist, and I’m talking about since Cal got here, Doc Palmer would always plant that seed in Cal’s ear about Dominique Hawkins. It definitely helped out.

Palmer just happened to be a close family friend of Hawkins, and became Cal’s dentist when he took the job at Kentucky. Doc opened up about how special it was to see Hawkins finally get that scholarship offer and commit to his dream school:

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