Andrew Wiggins Wants a Gold Medal for Canada

We all know that Andrew Wiggins has dreams beyond his college career.  Although being a success in the NBA is most likely atop that list, he has another goal that seems even loftier.  He wants to win Canada an Olympic Gold Medal in the next 10 years.

Not only does he want the gold medal, but he wants to obtain it by defeating Team USA.  Team USA has been a dominant force in the Olympics for many years and their 14 gold medals show that. Team USA is comprised of arguably the most talented players in the world and it would be a great accomplishment for anyone to defeat them, let alone Canada.  Wiggins is confident Canada can give Team USA a good game and win an Olympic Gold Medal in the next 10 years.  It certainly would be remarkable if Canada could accomplish such a feat.

As for his immediate future, Wiggins remains undecided in regards to where he will play college basketball.  We all know the legendary status the 2013-2014 team at Kentucky could achieve if he commits to BBN.  However, there have been recent rumors that he is waiting on UNC’s McAdoo, Hairston and Bullock to decide their futures before he decides his.  Wiggins is certainly making his decision suspenseful and as for now we’ll just have to continue to sit and wait.

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