Kentucky Wildcats Athletics: What to Look Forward to in 2013/2014

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It’s finally time to close the book on 2012/2013. While we saw a major high (2012 basketball national champions) we also saw some major lows. The football team going through a hellish two win season and the basketball team following up their title run with an embarrassing NIT bid and loss to Robert Morris.

But as the NCAA tournament has finally come to the end, it’s time to move on and look forward to the future of Kentucky Wildcat athletics. What can we look forward to in 2013/2014? Glad you asked.

Kentucky Baseball and Softball

The Wildcat Women of the Diamond are currently ranked #21 in the country and boast an impressive 27-10 record (8-4 in the SEC). They have been regular tournament guests in the recent future and look to be on the same path. But getting there won’t be easy as five teams in the top 10 in Women’s softball are SEC teams. But thus far they are on the right side of .500 with their conference record.

The baseball team is currently ranked #13 but has fallen on hard times in conference play. They started off hot going 16-3 early, but they were just swept in Baton Rouge by the LSU Tigers. They are currently 22-9 (6-6 in the SEC). While they may be in a bit of a slump, they do boast wins over Florida Georgia and Louisville. LSU is ranked #2 in the country, so there isn’t any shame in losing to them, but they need to right the SEC ship if they want to make it to Omaha.

Kentucky Football Spring Game

Spring football generally goes unnoticed except to the die-hard football fans. That is no longer true. Mark Stoops has taken the interest in football to the next level. In Joker’s final season, the Kentucky spring game saw a platry turn out of 4,500 fans. Much of the blame for the low turn out went to poor weather and Thunder Over Louisville. This year Stoops and the Athletic Department (along with an assist from Coach Cal) have put all of their weight behind the game. Over 40,000 fans are expected to turn out to watch the new offense of Neil Brown and the new defense of DJ Elliot.

The university is treating this as a real game, opening up concession stands and even providing shuttles back and forth from Keeneland. Families are planning their tailgates and football is taking a front seat in the Blue Grass.

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