Life Without UK Basketball Post-Season: How To Cope


For Kentucky fans, this is a rough time. We aren’t in the tournament, Louisville’s athletic program is thriving right now, every sports show in America is talking about Kevin Ware and the Cards, and we don’t really have any games to watch now that the UK basketball spring game (AKA McDonald’s All American Game) is over. Fear not, BBN, I have a list of things to be excited about.

1.)  Wiggins will announce soon

With undoubtedly the top recruiting class in the nation, the #1 player in the country, Andrew Wiggins, could be the cherry on top of a #1 class sundae for Coach Cal. I’m feeling pretty hopeful about Wiggins at this point with the transfer of Harrow and Goodwin declaring, that frees up scholarships. He also met with Calipari before the McDonald’s game. Also, future Cat Dakari Johnson said in an interview at the McDAAG that he thinks Wiggins will be a future teammate. Something to ponder while you wait.

2.)  NBA

Archie Goodwin has declared for the draft so us fans will get to watch yet another Kentucky player make it to the big time. Until the draft, watch some NBA games- more than likely there’s at least 1 Kentucky player in every game (seriously). John Wall is currently having an incredible season and being a Lakers fan, I personally enjoy watching Jodie Meeks. Another thought- Nerlens hasn’t declared yet.

3.)  Spring Football

Saturday the 13th. 7:00 pm. Commonwealth Stadium. This is the first time the public will get to see the work Stoops and the staff and team have been putting in these last few weeks. There’s also going to be a lot of recruits there and we need to show them what the BBN is all about. Be there, I will be. #PackCommonwealth

4.)  Baseball

Not too many people know UK has a really good baseball team, probably because their season usually begins when basketball is in tournament season, but they’re currently ranked  #7. Take a look at and go check out a  baseball game at the Cliff.

5.)  Back to our rightful place

As soon as the final buzzer goes off Monday night, it is technically preseason again. And since we have the top class, this means one thing…Kentucky is back to its rightful spot- #1.

I understand this is a weird and difficult time of no basketball in March and April for Cats fans, and Louisville thriving makes it exceptionally difficult, but there is silver lining, y’all. Also, IF Louisville wins, that shows that the state of Kentucky truly runs college basketball- like the Alabama to football, and if they don’t- Pitino’s only title banner still hangs in Rupp. In the meantime, cross your fingers for Wiggins, watch some ex-Cats, check out some other sports and prepare yourselves for this ride we’re about to have next year.

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