Kentucky Wildcats Football: Closed Practices Help Players Focus

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This week the Kentucky Athletic Department announced that for the foreseeable future, football practices would be closed to the public and media. This was a bit unexpected because people involved with the program had made some statements that led many to believe that at least some of the practices would be open. There have been some folks upset by this development.

Not many would actually attend the practices, considering that the practices are mostly held during the work week and early in the morning. But in the world of fan message boards it only takes one to attend then come back and report. People are excited about football, they are hungry to read about the program. It’s great to see so many people wondering how the offense/defense installs are going, how Bud Dupree will fit in the new system, and which quarterback is looking good in practice. But for now they will have to settle for the press interviews being done after each practice.

As fans we have to remember that Mark Stoops’ job is to win football games, not entertain us or provide us with things to watch/read. If he believes that closing practices will help his team focus and that focus might improve the chances of a victory even the tiniest amount, then that’s exactly what he should do. And as fans that’s exactly what we should want. Kentucky football is in the process of a culture change, this isn’t the era of ice cream trucks at practice, it’s the era of heart monitors and tracking devices in player’s pads. Ice cream has probably been banned at this point.

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