Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Stay united and don't feed the trolls

Soooooo … the Kentucky Wildcats are in the NIT Basketball Tournament. Well, that just sucks. And I hate it.

But am I ashamed? Am I embarrassed? No. Am I mad? A little. Am I disappointed? Very.

And that is OK. A lot was expected of this team and they did not live up to expectations. And that is OK. Life sucks sometimes and things don’t work out. But that is no reason to turn into raving mad, crazy insane, twitter prophet ranting  Facebook maniac. Why you ask?

It’s troll season. And don’t think for a second that the legion of John Calipari/Kentucky Wildcat media haterss are not lurking on twitter, compiling tweets and facebook rants and preparing a “Kentucky fans won the National Title last year and are soooooooooo crazy” piece. It’s gonna happen. It may be Forde that does it. Or Goodman. Gottlieb. Thamel. Or Vitale. Name one. Hell, they ALL may do it.

So I know you are pissed. I am too. But let’s also remember that if we have a @UKrooolz twitter name and a UK logo as an avatar, you are representing the BBN. And we are the best damn fanbase in America. But unfortunately, we have a lunatic fringe and that is what the Goodman’s of the internet age are looking for.

Don’t feed the trolls. And let’s continue to represent the BBN with class and support this team. I hate that we are not in the NCAA, but if Tennessee is a number one seed in the NIT, I sure as hell want to beat them as well. In anything. Even for a NIT championship.

Maybe it is the long-suffering pro sports fan in me, but the Wildcats are realistically my only hope to ever win anything. I am a Miami Dolphins, Orlando Magic and Cincinnati Reds diehard fan. Feel sorry for me. It’s been 40 years since Miami won a Super Bowl. 21 years for the Reds. And my Magic are 0-23. Add it up. That is one championship in 85 seasons.   I repeat one championship in 85 seasons.

Kentucky keeps me sane. We are still defending NCAA champs and have won three titles in 17 years. That is a lot to be proud of and shall I repeat, we won last year. That keeps me sane, so I guess I am just more used to down seasons. And that is what this is for UK. A down season. As soon as the nets are cut down and someone other than Louisville or Indiana win the title, our Wildcats will be ranked number one preseason once again.

So let’s get behind this team and show the world once again that even with a momentary setback, the BBN supports this team through thick and thin.

Make the trolls write about that.

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