WBN ICYMI: Interview with former Kentucky Wildcat football great Trevard Lindley

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November 13, 2011; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel (22) makes an interception against the Arizona Cardinals during second quarter action at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports


WBN: How cool was it to learn from a potential hall-of-fame player in Asante Samuel when you first came to the NFL?

TL: It was real good learning from him. His locker was right beside mine, so we would talk pretty much everyday. He would help me on my technique and give me pointers on things that would make me a better player. I remember my first game I got to play in because he was hurt, and when I got my first interception, he made a joke when he saw me saying, “I should sit out some games so you can get another pick.” I thought that was kind of funny.


WBN: Do you keep in contact with a lot of your former teammates who are in the NFL?

TL: I still talk to former teammates. I still keep in contact with Garry Williams, Wesley Woodyard, Myron Pryor, Alphonso Smith and others. Every time I visit UK, one of them is there to, so we talk and catch up, seeing what is new and just reminisce of the times we played.


WBN: Have you gotten a chance to come to any UK games recently?

TL: No I haven’t but I plan on making some this year.


WBN: How hard has it been to watch Kentucky football decline after you were a key player in building UK into an annual bowl team?

TL: It’s very hard, because all the years I played there, we were going to bowls and competing week in and week out. They have the players to go out in the SEC and win, but it seems like they were missing something to get them to play hard for a whole game. Even before we started going to bowls, the teams before us were going through what they are going through now. In the next couple years they will be back in the mix and maybe at the top of the SEC.


WBN: What coaches were responsible for bringing you to Kentucky?

TL: Joker Phillips was the coach who got me to come to Kentucky. I believe Joker was the reason why a lot of Georgia guys was at Kentucky. He came to my school like every week to get me to commit there, even after I tore my ACL. Steve Brown came once because he was the defensive back coach, so he talked about how the defense worked and how things went about there.


WBN: What is your favorite Rich Brooks moment at Kentucky?

TL: One of my favorite Rich Brooks moment was when we went to the pool during training camp and he got on the high dive and all the players were looking at him like, “he’s no going to do this.” Then, all of a sudden, he jumped and did maybe one front flip, which was impressive for his age, and jumped in the water. I wouldn’t even do that, but he’s a good man and coach and was glad I was able to play for him.


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