Kentucky Wildcat Basketball: 7 Degrees of Missouri Tigers

Kentucky’s season will loom in the balance when they face the Missouri Tigers Saturday at 9:00PM on ESPN. The two teams will face off for the first time in SEC with Kentucky having never been beaten by the Tigers in their 4 previous match ups.

With the recent slide of Ole Miss, Kentucky needs a win to add another RPI top 50 notch on their NCAA Tournament resume.

Here’s your 7 degrees of the Missouri Tigers with every bullet a winding road that’ll take you from the sweet melody of Cheryl Crow to the penny-pinching of John Boehner to the cheeks my girlfriend wishes she could pinch in Brad Pitt:

  • Missouri has 267,268 living alumni worldwide with 132,510 that reside in Missouri. One of the most notable is singer/song writer Sheryl Crow.
  • Crow, 51 and the ex-fiance of cyclist Lance Armstrong, was born in Kennett, Missouri. She would eventually attend Mizzou, graduate with a music degree, teach music during the day at an elementary school, and sing at nights. In the 1990’s Crow would go on to see international success beginning with her self titled album.
  • Sheryl Crow album featured singles “If it makes you happy” and “Everyday is a winding road” and evidently the album wasn’t a big hit with all consumers as it was banned at Walmart, which was founded by another son of Mizzou, Sam Walton.
  • Walmart’s average store size is approximately 197,000 square feet. 67,000 square feet larger than Rupp Arena (130,000 sq ft). Walmart sells over 1 million products on their retail an online shelves. 78 products of which are related to another Mizzou alum, Brad Pitt.
  • As we’ve seen before Pitt’s career has been a box office bonanza. The A-list actor’s movies that he has taken a lead role in have earned over $5 billion dollars in box office revenue worldwide with another $500 million in supporting roles. Kentucky’s basketball program was projected to earn $20 million dollars this season. To make that stand out, it would take nearly 250 years before Kentucky ever earned the same amount of money.
  • Pitt was quoted in December as being Pro-Obama after the President’s comments about marijuana usage in Colorado and Washington.
  • Barack Obama vs John Boehner, has been a common theme this year on Capital Hill and over the political talk shows. Round two of the matchup over “The Sequester” is currently taking place. A position Boehner primed for as he recently attended Round two of Kentucky vs Auburn in Rupp Arena and had this to say.


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