Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: John Calipari Wants Change in College Hoops

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John Calipari posted a story on his website today in light of Nerlens Noel’s season-ending injury, and he advocated increasing the requirement for players to attend two years of college in stead of just one, as well as requiring the NCAA and/or universities to pay for insurance programs in case they suffer a career-ending injury.


If the NBA Players Association won’t work with the NCAA to make it mandatory, let’s encourage the kids and educate them on why this is a better route. If we can keep kids in school two years, they are so close to graduating that it makes it easier to see themselves coming back to school to finish. Understand that if a kid goes to college for two years and three summers, he will be a little more than a year away from a college degree. And what about the ripple effect of that education? Their children can now say, “My dad did it so I can do it too.”


He believes this is a good idea, so that if a player is to have a devastating injury that ruins his career, he’ll have completed two years of school and will be close to obtaining his degree.

Cal basically summed it up by saying what he’s said since he’s been a college coach, and that is its about what’s best for his players:


Let me say it again: I don’t like the one-and-done rule, but I will not coerce or convince a player to come back when he has an opportunity to do something for him and his family that is an obvious choice. Let’s make it to where we do everything we can to take care of our kids. Stipends, loans, food – all the things that are available to use, we’re going to do. We are going to do everything we can to encourage you to stay in school – not by words that are self-serving to coaches and programs but by words that truly are about these young people.

I felt that way at Massachusetts, I felt that way at Memphis and I still feel that way now.


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