Jan 10, 2013; Nashville, TN, USA; Kentucky Wildcats head coach John Calipari during the second half against the Vanderbilt Commodores at Memorial Gym. Kentucky won 60-58. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky Wildcats: SEC Holds the Keys


A friend of mine asked this question of Facebook, “How many SEC wins will UK need to lock up their ticket to the NCAA Tourney and secure a decently high seed?”  Like everything else, I thought for about 3 seconds and responded with, “17” which would put UK at 26-5 going into the SEC Tournament.  They would have a First Round bye and time to prepare for their opponent.

But then I thought, 17 sounds like an outrageous number for my Wildcats to make the NCAA’s with a decent seed, and maybe it is, but with the way the SEC sucks this year, we can ill afford to mess around with teams like we did at Vandy.  In our defense, the nerds at Vandy can at least figure out how to properly lay the floor so no ladders are involved in the coaching of a game and the benches aren’t where orangutans play.

Nevertheless, these SEC teams are experience a level of down we haven’t seen in some time.  Kentucky included.  What’s important this season, since we’ve lost to all the high caliber teams we’ve played thus far, we can NOT afford to lose to people we should beat.

No. Bad. Losses.

To this point, we have won the games we were supposed to and struggled against everyone else.  And yes, I know we lost to Baylor at home, but they’re not a DII school.  What can I say.

Just how important is it going to be for UK come NCAA Selection Sunday to have dominated the weak SEC in the regular season and tournament?  It’s as important as having Ryan Harrow back because without Harrow, we would be talked about in the same sentences as North Carolina this season.  The irony is the difference in record from UNC to UK is they have 1 more loss (10-5) than we do.  I don’t ever want to be compared to UNC in any way, let alone in poor favor.

Listen, winning 17 SEC games should be doable (Lone loss to UF possibly), but with the inconsistency this team play with on a consistent basis, I’d be loathed to pick them against almost any legit D-1 team outside of the SEC…unless Poythress plays like he can.  Then all bets are off and we’re a Top 4 Seed in the tourney because the SEC won’t be able to handle him AND the Twin Towers plus Harrow.

Here’s hoping…

On, On, U of K

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