Kentucky Wildcats Football: The Winds of Change

Yesterday the University of Kentucky debuted a new website for the K Fund, which takes donations in a variety of ways in order to fund UK athletics. With the state legislation seeming unlikely to approve all of the bonding that UK wants for athletics projects, it appears they will use donations to generate some of the capital required. If nothing else it is refreshing to see the university being proactive in the attempt to raise funds and kudos to them for transparency.

The new site details plans for several different athletic facilities, but most fans are primarily interested in football improvements and renovations. The football projects are expected to cost approximately $125 million depending on inflation.  Those improvements include:

  • Spectator driven improvements (i.e. improved concessions, restrooms, video boards, and security)
  • Multi-purpose recruiting room in East end zone (Field House end)
  • Add 10 to 15 suites, one for Presidential use to seat 100-150 patrons.
  • Add 2,000 to 2,500 club seats
  • New press facilities
  • New team store
  • New full service kitchen
  • Improve the UK brand at Commonwealth Stadium
  • Maintain, or slightly reduce, seating capacity while increasing the value of the remaining seats.

Finally the coveted “Recruiting Room” is on the table! That, the new press box and the team store are badly needed. It’s so tacky to see that tent in the parking lot selling gear. The suites & club seating are designed to generate revenue. The concessions, restrooms, etc are on par with other SEC facilities, so it’s unclear what exactly that is earmarked for. And finally, one would assume that “Improve the UK brand at Commonwealth Stadium” means something like “spruce the place the up”. Commonwealth Stadium is a bit boring to some degree, perhaps they are looking into cosmetic improvements.

All of that sounds pretty great. Again it’s so refreshing to have the information out there and not just more rumored projects. They even promise more information: “Updates on how you can get involved will be made available as this process moves forward.”, which is contradictory to the way UK has operated until this point. Other athletics projects mentioned on the site are:

  • New baseball stadium ($32 million)
  • New outdoor track ($13 million)
  • Softball renovation ($9.7 million)
  • Expanding the Boone tennis center ($6.5 million)
  • Soccer renovations ($7million)


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