WBN Nightcap: Get a Grip

Yesterday the whole Commonwealth of Kentucky was buzzing because of the UK commitments of Jaleel Hytchye and Dakari Johnson. Not to mention James Quick staying home at Louisville. WKU fans are likely still riding their Petrino buzz for better or worse.  Everyone should have something to be happy about. But for some folks that apparently wasn’t enough.

No sooner has Hytchye announced that he would choose the Wildcats over several good schools, including Louisville, than Cards fans felt the need to talk trash to him. Rather than enjoying one of the biggest nights of his life and retweeting positive supportive messages from ecstatic Kentucky fans, Hytchye also had to deal with sour grapes from those he rejected. Pitt Panther fans also joined the fray, as they were thought to be his leader. But let’s be honest nobody really misbehaves like Kentuckians misbehave. One Card fan, who apparently has only watched the 2012 matchup, compared the Cards “domination” of the Wildcats to “child abuse”.

I’m sure Dakari Johnson got his fair share of hate-tweets as well. (I don’t follow him.) The Harrison Twins certainly got their share of it from the Derby City. But Kentucky fans aren’t innocent. They are well known for attacking prospects who spurn the Cats via the internet, especially in basketball. I believe it was Anthony Bennett last year that got the brunt of it, although his decision was heavily influenced by academics. I’m sure James Quick heard his fair share of it yesterday. (I don’t follow Quick either.)

The point here is that some people need to get a grip. Yes, rejection is one of the more emotionally painful experiences in human existence. Yes, some of these kids (like Quick) not only used your team and played with your emotions, but actually insulted you. But at the end of the day, these are 17 or 18 year old kids who are making a decision about what they want to do with their life. I’m sure they know you are unhappy with their decision. There is no good reason for you to act like that.

I follow football recruiting as closely as anyone you will meet and I love my Wildcats. If you know anything about it, you know they have lost their share of battles. More than their fair share even. It’s acceptable to be disappointed or let down.  But don’t try to rain on a kids’ parade, that makes you a very small person. I know the Big Blue Nation is better than that, maybe even a Card fan or two. So let’s all start acting like it.

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