John Calipari takes his Kentucky Wildcats into the future with his monitoring program

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Jan 2, 2013; Lexington, KY, USA; Kentucky Wildcats head coach John Calipari during the game against the Eastern Michigan Eagles at Rupp Arena. Mandatory Credit: Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

It’s official. No other college basketball coach is more in tune with the pulse of their program than John Calipari. As a matter of fact, Calipari is not only in tune with the pulse, he is in tune with their exertion rate and caloric zones. Let’s let John Calipari explain:


Each player is now practicing and playing in games with a device that measures their exertion rate, sport zones, caloric expenditure and heart rate.

The device gives us the ability to monitor and check how much effort players are giving in real time. Because we are able to read their heart rates, now we know who is maxing out in practice and who is hiding, who thinks they’re going hard and who isn’t, who is able to push themselves through pain, and who has mental toughness to be special.

Everybody perceives his exertion level differently. Some feel they are working extremely hard and they’re not, and others perceive that they’re not working very hard when they really are. My hope is to get everybody in that second category. I want them to realize what their exertion level is in games compared to what it is in practice, and this device helps us do that.

I always say the film doesn’t lie, that you can have every excuse you want but the truth will show up on film. Guess what? The monitoring system doesn’t lie either.


And because it is Calipari, this is just another example of how UK is not a traditional program:


All of this may sound extreme, but we’re at an extreme program. We are in a nontraditional program trying to do nontraditional things that have never been done before in the college game – getting young players to be everything they can be. We had better than a 3.0 grade-point average as a team with eight players that had a B average or better that played one of the top-25 schedules in the country (which was stupid) with by far the youngest team in the country.


We still have to wait until 2014 until Karl Towns makes his UK debut, but in the meantime, he is getting work done:


Kentucky-bound sophomore Karl Towns scored a career-high 36 points on 16-of-20 shooting and added 15 rebounds and five blocks to lead St. Joseph, No. 8 in The Star-Ledger Top 20, to a 71-43 victory over South Brunswick in Metuchen.


Speaking of the class of 2014, ***** forward Leron Black has decommitted from Baylor and has reopened his recruiting.  As Jerry Meyer tells us, Kentucky will be a factor in his recruitment.  In the case of Black, it appears that he simply committed too soon:


An unofficial visit to Baylor over Labor Day weekend would turn out to be one of Black’s only college visits before he committed. This time around, he said he’ll take it slow and soak up the process.

“What I’m really gonna look at is, I’m gonna compare campuses and I’m just gonna see how the coaches are,” Black said. “I wanna be at a school where the coaches are Christians like myself. It’s been a good learning experience. I’ve just been thinking about it for a while. I just need to compare.”


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