WBN Nightcap: A Tiresome Week as a Wildcat in Louisville

It is sometimes tough being a Kentucky fan in Louisville. Everyone in the area knows how easy it is to find yourself surrounded by the incessant nagging of a lonesome Card, hearing them chip away at your highs and dig deeper on your lows. Constantly living with a fan base desperate for the tradition, wins, championships your school has achieved, as any Wildcat in the county can attest, can be quite… tiresome.

That tired, irritable feeling is compounded worse than the interest on your mortgage, when Kentucky sees hard times and Louisville finds an upward swing… exactly the math Kentucky fans face now.

The Wildcats football team finished a mere 2-10 this season, including a bad loss to the Cardinals. The men’s basketball program has dropped out of the polls after a pre-season Top 5 ranking, and loses to Louisville and Duke among others, find them stareing at an 9-4 record heading into SEC play.

Louisville on the other hand began the season in the Top 5 of the polls and has won but one game (to current #1 Duke) and looks like a strong contender to replace the Wildcats as NCAA Champions. Louisville’s football team just pounded one of the best SEC teams in Florida on their way towards their first ever BCS Sugar Bowl. All hands on the knob that turn up the volume of cocky Cardinals.

Here’s the thing, despite what you hear on local Cardinal friendly radio shows, that obnoxious guy sitting next to you in the break room, or the dude holding up a UL with his fingers in your direction as you cross the street with your Kentucky hat on, there’s no need to worry Kentucky.

Kentucky’s basketball team won the NCAA Championship just last year. Yeah, 2012. Reigning champs. Their team is young and we’ve seen what young talent can do. Sure the Cards will fight the “young team will only get better” with, “well, we’ll get better too” and “you’re not the same team as last year.” But the thing is, this team is the only team in the country to lose all 5 starting players. The learning curve is steep but the ceiling is high on this team that will learn all season… how much learning will Peyton Siva do? Does anyone really think Ryan Harrow is going to not get better? And as far as football, Kentucky is on an upward trajectory. A home run hire has already paid dividends in Kentucky snatching recruits that would have never given the team the light of day in the past.  Besides, let’s keep in mind the last time Louisville took a top 15 team into Lexington.

There is now reason to buy into the Louisville trash talk. It is certainly just that, trash. Keep your heads up Kentucky.

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