All Time NCAA College Basketball Wins: Kansas Jayhawks pulling away from North Carolina Tar Heels

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#1 2098 (8-4)

#2 2081 (11-1)

#3 2075 (10-3)

Take a look at the latest college basketball polls and it is a bit weird to not see either Kentucky or North Carolina listed among the nation’s elite.  But they have no one to blame but themselves as both stumbled this month at getting wins that would have surely ranked them.  Kansas, is rolling however, and is looking more and more like a title contender.  It is just January however, and Kentucky and the Tar Heels can still play themselves into title consideration.  Let’s take a look at where the top three teams in NCAA wins fared this month and look ahead to the rest of January.

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  • Nathan Betzen

    Seems like a pretty reasonable set of expectations. I just want to point out that your math is wrong on KU. If they win 7 games, they’ll be at 2088, assuming your original number pegging them at 2081 total wins right now is correct.

  • Horran Cameron

    I wouldn’t consider Kansas to be a title contender. Right now, the best teams in the nation are Duke, Michigan, Indiana, and Butler, in my opinion. Kansas is one of the best teams, though. All it takes is a nice run in March. Icon proved that in 2011.