What would Big Blue Nation give the 2012 Wildcats for Christmas?

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Merry Christmas to all of our WildcatBlueNation readers! We hope you have wonderful holiday season, which will of course include a victory over those Birds with Teeth from Louisville! Most of you are probably opening presents throughout the day that leads me to wonder what our beloved 2012-2013 basketball team would receive for Christmas from Big Blue Nation. If a Kentucky fan had the ability to give anything imaginable to some of the players and Calipari what would it be?

John Calipari would receive….

A MAGIC WAND! The infamous magic wand Calipari has ranted about for weeks would be sitting front and center underneath the Christmas tree. With the magic wand, Calipari could not only improve this team, but also be able to recuit better than ever. Oh wait, he already does recruit the best, so the magic wand is useless there.

Nerlens Noel would receive…

Anthony Davis’ jump shot! I have loved watching Nerlens Noel play this season. The passion and hustle he displays needs to be duplicated by everyone else on the team. One of the few ways to make the big guy even better would be to have a strong jump shot like former Kentucky center Anthony Davis. As of now, teams back off Nerlens when he is at the top of the key because he is not a threat to drop a mid-range jumper in their face. If he could hit those open shots consistently, defenses would play tighter on him which would open up some nice lobs for Noel.

Alex Poythress would receive…

A revelation! Mr. Poythress has all of the talent in the world to take over nearly any game he plays in, but he seems to become timid or disappear from time to time. If Alex would have a revelation that he is more than likely the strongest and most athletic player on the court, only Adolph Rupp knows the stat lines the forward from Tennessee could produce. Once Poythress begins to attack the basket like we saw in the Duke game, this team will become scary good.

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