Kentucky Wildcats Student Life: 'Tis the gift buying season in the BBN

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Christmas is right around the corner and I’m sure many of you are searching for a gift for the UK fan in your life. I’m here to help you with that process.

Of course websites like, the UK bookstore, Alumni Hall, and Wildcat Wearhouse have a plethora of UK gear for the fan in your life, hoodies, t-shirts, and
any other article of clothing? You got it. If you’re really into the ’96 team Walter McCarty has a CD coming out. There’s the obvious UK blanket or Christmas item as
well if you want to play it safe.

If you’re looking to spend big bucks, season football tickets are always in the mix. Throw in a “Stoops Troops” shirt and you’re good to go.

Of course, in my search for the perfect BBN gift, I found some more humorous/bizarre UK gear. So for the person that has everything- I bet you one UK hammer
that they don’t have these gifts.

1.) A UK Hardhat- I mean who doesn’t need a UK hard hat? Whats even more bizarre is that you can buy this at the NFL shop!


2.) A UK Wildcats Dream Lites Pillow Pet- self-explanatory right? What child wouldn’t want to sleep with a wildcat that projects things onto the ceiling?

3.) A car magnet bottle opener- practical. The solution to all your tailgating needs?


4.) How about a grill with a tote and BBQ set? Could be yours for just a little over $200.


5.) A UK Wildcat Piggy bank- is it fully a pig? No. Is it fully a Wildcat? No. Perfect for that young one looking to start a UK tuition fund.

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