Nov 3, 2012; Lexington , KY, USA; Kentucky Wildcats quarterback Patrick Towles (14) hands the ball off in the game against the Vanderbilt Commodores at Commonwealth Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

WBN Nightcap: Brown Isn't Mumme


A month ago I wrote an article about Mumme-ball and Kentucky fans’ obsession with it. I also stated that Mumme-ball wouldn’t win football games in the SEC. Since then UK has hired it’s head coach, defensive-minded Mark Stoops, and a new offensive coordinator in former Wildcat Neal Brown. A player under Mumme and a coach under Mike Leach, Brown is expected to bring the Air Raid back to Lexington. So naturally the folks that I upset by lambasting the Mumme regime have made a point of letting me know that I can’t be happy about Brown.

Well, that’s not exactly true. You see Brown doesn’t run the Mumme Air Raid and he isn’t the head coach. Mark Stoops is the head coach and unlike Mumme, cares about playing defense. That makes every bit of the difference. One would imagine that a former defensive coordinator will not want an offense that can’t eat up clock at the end of a game or always puts the defense on the field with little rest.

The other main difference here is that Mumme-ball isn’t back. Brown runs an Air Raid offense but fans expecting pinball football and 50 passing attempts per game will be disappointed. The fact that UK hired a tight ends coach in Vince Marrow is a sign that this won’t be a 5-wide shotgun-spread offense.  Texas Tech had an outside receiver coach and an inside receiver coach. Tight ends were rarely used in the passing game and were coached with the inside receivers. Brown used some Pistol at Texas Tech and I would expect him to bring that here.

Most comforting however is the difference in the run-pass ratio when comparing Brown to Mumme. In Mumme’s best season in Lexington, his team threw the ball 70% of the time.  They compiled 1234 rushing yards total to go with 4275 through the air. By comparison, this season with the Red Raiders Brown’s offense had a pass-run ratio of 59/41. Those 11 percentage points become 101 more running plays per season. Tech managed 4343 passing yards and 1674 rushing yards in 2012. That is without having played their bowl game this year.

In conclusion, I’m as happy as anyone that Neal Brown is coaching in Lexington. I’m just as happy that he brought Chad Scott with him to coach the running backs. Within days of their hiring, Kentucky has a slew of offensive skill players who have suddenly taken interest in the Wildcats. Season tickets sales have taken off like a rocket. It’s an exciting time to be a Kentucky fan and there is more hope now than likely ever in the team’s history. Who could be upset with that?

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