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Kentucky Wildcats Athletics: The New WBN Podcast is on the Air!


It’s Finals time at the University of Kentucky and holidays are on the minds of the team, fans and the Bluegrass.  The basketball team is trudging through their litany of cupcakes in preparation for the 12/29 showdown versus Louisville and Mark Stoops continues to fill out his coaching staff.  It’s been a while since there was this excitement in the football universe in mid December so it is all podcast worthy.

This necessitated a podcast, so James Streble, Darren Durham, Jason Marcum, Daniel Solzman, Wayne Hunter and Kyle  more than made up for my absence in the latest WBN Podcast.

Among the topics discussed:

  • The scoop on the newest assistant coaches
  • Neal Brown’s offense
  • Which QB best fit for the system
  • Recruiting
  • Football fan expectations
  • Bobby Petrino to WKU
  • Kentucky basketball win over Portland
  • What has to improve before Louisville game
  • Top NCAA Tourney Players
  • and more
As always, you can go to I-tunes and subscribe to the podcast or you can listen below. Also, if you have an iPhone and have iO6 installed, there is a nifty podcast feature where you can subscribe and download the podcast to your phone. You actually get the podcast earlier than we actually put it on the site! And if you go to iTunes, give us a good rating.


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