Kentucky Wildcats Football: Guessing the new staff

By the end if this coming week, all of the pieces should come together and the Kentucky staff should be complete. As we continue to be in “offensive coordinator-watch,” other spots are being filled. While the University has not made any new announcements at this point, we can read between the lines and start to piece together the staff. We obviously know the head coach and defensive coordinator, so piecing together the remaining 8 guys shouldn’t be too hard. Based on what I’ve been told, I would expect the coaching staff to look like this:

1. Mark Stoops – HC
2. DJ Elliot – DC/LB
3. Neal Brown – OC/QB
4. Chad Scott – RB
5. Bradley Dale Peveto ST/DB
6. Darin Hinshaw – WR
7. John Schlarman – OL
8. David Turner – DL
9. James Coley RC/AHC/TE
10. ???

The tenth spot will kind of depend on how the coaching searches end up going. Kentucky will have some flexibility there and could utilize a CB coach, a DE or a DT coach, or an associate head coach. The above coaches aren’t official and there is still a chance that they could end up somewhere other than Kentucky. No one thought Tuberville would dump TTU for Cincinnati, so you never know. Baring any major changes at this point, my best guess for the tenth spot would be a defensive coach, maybe to specifically coach tackles. As of this moment though, I would expect the staff to look similar to this.

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