At least Kentucky isn't searching for a head coach...

While the official announcement cannot come until tomorrow at the earliest, Kentucky players have confirmed that Florida State Defensive Backs coach D. J. Eliot has been hired as the Defensive Coordinator at Kentucky.

The latest on Texas Tech Offensive Coordinator Neal Brown is that he is looking at head coaching opportunities before he makes up his mind according to The Scoop. If he interviews with Arkansas State, that puts him directly in line for an SEC opening after next season ends. Both Hugh Freeze and Gus Malzahn jumped from Arkansas State to a job in the SEC after at least one season of coaching there.

Bud Dupree, a linebacker for the Kentucky Wildcats, tweeted the news this afternoon.

If you are counting, Kentucky has hired both a head coach and a defensive coordinator while the Tennessee Volunteers are still searching. They are playing the waiting game with current Louisville coach Charlie Strong, who could either say no or get a hefty pay raise from the University of Louisville.

But enough about our rivals, let’s turn to college basketball. I spoke with 247 recruiting analyst Jerry Meyer and ESPN recruiting analyst Dave Telep yesterday about the Karl Towns commitment.

“The recruiting success of Coach Calipari amazes to the point it doesn’t amaze anymore,” Meyer said. “Landing elite recruits is becoming mundane for the Kentucky program and its fans. Karl Towns Jr. is certainly a great start for the 2014 Kentucky recruiting class.

“A couple good comparisons for Karl Towns Jr. are Brian Cook and Sam Perkins. Comparing him to Dirk Nowitzki or Kevin Durant is going too far.”

“We can gush about Towns’ abilities ad nauseum,” Telep said. “He’s got real game in the lane and with his jump shot. However, here’s what strikes me about this commitment: it’s a proven fit. When you have a player who spent a training camp with a coach and was recruited by him, each knows the other inside and out. John Calipari took this kid because he got to know the person and the player. He’s already coached him hard and that means there should be less of a learning curve once he hits Lexington”

Finally, if you are in the Louisville area tomorrow, there will be a 1995-96 Kentucky Wildcats reunion signing featuring Derek Anderson, Jeff Sheppard, Anthony Epps, Cameron Mills, Wayne Turner, Walter McCarty, Antoine Walker, and Jared Prickett. Not able to make it due to coaching or NBA scheduling: Tony Delk, Mark Pope, Nazr Mohammed, Ron Mercer, and Allen Edwards. The group autograph tickets are $75 and that includes a free basketball but you are more than welcome to bring your own item. Additional autograph tickets cost $15 per player.

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