The Mark Stoop to the Kentucky Wildcats Podcast is on the Air!


About 24 hours after our podcast of despair and fear, Mitch Barnhart and the University of Kentucky reached back and swunbg for the fences and connected with the hiring of Florida State Defensive Coordinator Mark Stoops.  Stoops is currently up for the defensive coordinator of the year and his Seminoles are the second best defense in the nation.  Hopefully he brings that mentality to the Wildcats and helps to make them a contender in the always tough SEC.

Like we promised, this necessitated a podcast, so James Streble, Jason Marcum, Darren Durham, and Kyle got together for the Bob Stoops Podcast.

Among the topics discussed:

  • Mark Stoops to Kentucky
  • Stoops’ bio and success at other schools
  • Mitch Barnhart gets it done
  • What kind of defense will Stoops run?
  • Who is going to be the OC?
  • Tim Couch again saves Kentucky football
  • Are there any current Kentucky coaches that Stoops should interview and retain?
  • A way too early look at next season’s record and predictions for year one under Stoops
  • Who will start at quarterback for Kentucky against WKU?
  • Will we see a QB transfer and who might it be?
  • and more
As always, you can go to I-tunes and subscribe to the podcast or you can listen below. Also, if you have an iPhone and have iO6 installed, there is a nifty podcast feature where you can subscribe and download the podcast to your phone. You actually get the podcast earlier than we actually put it on the site! And if you go to iTunes, give us a good rating.

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