5 for Friday: D-Day For Sean Woods



Morehead State spokesman Adam Segal said yesterday that Head Coach Sean Woods is facing possible disciplinary action after his out burst during their game at UK on Wednesday night in which Woods pushed and repeatedly cursed at point guard Devin Atkinson. The school also said that any punishment will be announced today.


In the NBA, former Wildcats Daniel Orton and DeAndre Liggins have both been assigned to the D-League. Both players are signed with the Oklahoma City Thunder, but with playing time being non-existent there, this will hopefully be a positive experience for them.


With Kentucky uncertain as to if or when point guard Ryan Harrow will return to UK, they need to begin preparing as if Harrow won’t be back on campus, just in case. Archie Goodwin needs to get as much practice time at the point as possible, and Jarrod Polson has to keep giving the Cats good minutes off the bench.


John Calipari also knows that if his team is to make significant strides going forward, Kyle Wiltjer must improve his defense:

They went at Kyle, and I told Kyle, ‘This isn’t last year. You want to be on the court, you’ve got to guard somebody. They went at you every single time.’ He’s got to learn.


And it a heartwarming story you’ll love, USA today did an article on Resse Kemp, the 15-year old boy from Nicholasville who has cystic fibrosis and has been reached out to by former and current UK players including Nerlens Noel, Terrence Jones, and John Wall, and how their geonoristy has changed Reese’s outlook on life:

They took me from not even wanting to live to just loving life. I focus more on other people, because I want to make their lives easier. I’m living a good life. I mean, I’m happy and stuff, so I’d rather help others that need it rather than help myself.


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