University of Kentucky Wildcat: A Cornucopia of Wins Against Indians

Thanksgiving is known for words like cornucopia, feast, turkey, deep fryer burns, cranberries, jello molds, rice krispie treats, and pumpkin pie.

Between the charismatic Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, it is often times overlooked that Thanksgiving was indeed a 1621 celebration of the harvest in Plymouth (present day Massachusetts), where 53 Puritans and 90 Native Americans feasted together on the products of the land.

Despite the good feelings, the two sides wouldn’t stay friendly forever as the English would soon start delivering small pox infested blankets to the natives and the natives would deliver tomahawks to the skulls of their counterparts (see Indian Massacre of 1622). A battle for land, resources, and power that would rage on at some level for the next 300 years.

While today the two sides have settled many of their differences, the University of Kentucky still seemingly holds a grudge against Indians. The Wildcats hold an 80% winning percentage against Indians of all kind with the last loss coming in 1976. 

Here’s a rundown of how Kentucky has fared against each of the schools holding an Indian name:

American Indian Mascots Kentucky Wins Against Kentucky Losses Against Last Game Against
   Alcorn State
1 0 1/2/2003
[W 94 - 63] (31)
   Central Michigan
2 0 12/29/2008
[W 84 - 52] (32)
   Florida State
6 2 3/27/1993
[W 106 - 81]
9 2 3/25/2005
[W 62 - 52]
 3 11/30/1979
[W 79 - 58] (21)
   Arkansas State
1 0 1/8/1945
[W 75 - 6] (69)
   Fighting Illini
11 4 3/24/1984
[W 54 - 51]
0 0 N/A
 Total vs Indians 33   8  

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