Conference Realignment makes my head hurt

While Kentucky is sitting in pretty nice shape in the Southeastern Conference, our in-state rival is not. Personally, I am not a Louisville fan and I love to root against their teams in all sports. But for the sake of Kentucky’s RPI in college basketball, Louisville needs to have a good season.

A few years ago, back when John Calipari was coaching at Memphis following the whole reshaping of Conference USA, I was saying that Memphis has a weak conference schedule. Pretty soon, Louisville is going to be the same way. Without West Virginia, Syracuse, or Pittsburgh, the basketball side of things is no longer as good as it once was. Rutgers leaving hurts the football side more than basketball when it comes to the Big East.

While I know Rick Pitino said he would prefer Louisville go to the ACC, the Big 12 makes better sense to me on the college football front. For basketball, I would say that Louisville would be a good fit for the ACC. I’m not a Louisville fan and don’t have a dog in this fight.

Sports Illustrated‘s Seth Davis thinks that the latest moves should prompt the Big 12 to look at Louisville. Remember, the Big 12 is down to 10 schools. They would be smart to go back to 12 schools in the conference.

But this is all about television revenue deals and money for the conferences and universities. It’s not about the academic performance of athletes. It’s not even about the athletes like it should be. It’s about the amount of money a school can take in from television revenue.

But if I were a Louisville fan, which I am thankfully not, I would truly be concerned at this point. The Big East Conference is not what it used to be. It’s becoming an irrelevant conference and that is not good for the state of college athletics.

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