Sunday Afternoon Quarterback: Samford

Kentucky was able to put another “W” on the board yesterday against Samford. I won’t make an overly long post about this game, as its hard to take a lot from the pummeling of a FCS opponent.

The Positives:
– Kentucky’s offense put up 455 yards of total offense while the defense held Samford to only 102 total yards.
– The running game was VERY strong against Samford with four Kentucky players running for 60 yards or more (Ray Sanders, Jonathan George, Dyshawn Mobley, Jalen Whitlow).
– Kentucky’s offensive line was able to overpower Samford and open huge lanes.
– The receivers had very few drops in the game, even considering the limited pass attempts made.
– Patrick Towles and Jalen Whitlow both had decent games in split action. Both made some big plays and some boneheaded ones too.
– The staff was MUCH more aggressive when calling this game than any I can remember. I’m sure it helps that they have nothing to lose whatsoever, but you can’t help but wonder whether UK might have had a different season if they staff would have called all the games like they did this one (trick plays, onside kicks, etc).
– The fan turnout was pretty good considering circumstances. The stands were far from full, but the turnout was at least better than we saw against Vandy. It was really cold, but there were plenty of fans there anyway.
– I like that UK took a knee inside the five at the end of the game. The team could have punched another score in and run it up on Samford, but chose not to, which was the right call.
-Daryl Collins and Demarco Robinson both looked like big-time punt returners.

Room For Improvement:
– Both Whitlow and Towles have a long way to go before they’re going to fulfill their potential.
– It’s surprising how difficult it has been for Dyshawn Mobley to score or pick up first downs in short yardage situations. He really needs to work on his short yardage game.
– The defensive backs bit on play action and trick plays every time. I know they’re freshmen, but seriously?
– I would have liked to see Whitlow and Towles take some deep shots, which they did not.

– The Kentucky offense was dominant and the defense was very good against Samford. The Wildcats won handedly (and should have) against a lesser opponent. The referees were some of the worst I have ever watched, but the calls were bad both ways and neither team was immune to their awfulness. On top of the bad officiating, the weather was awful and despite a litany of reasons for Kentucky to have had a bad game, they didn’t and Samford goes home in defeat.

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