Kentucky Wildcat Basketball: The "Duke Sucks" Podcast with Andre Riddick is on the air

I had planned to release this podcast on the air tomorrow, but after recording it, released it was just too good to wait.  We are about 24 hours from the Duke game and former Wildcat Andre Riddick joined us to talk Kentucky basketball and of course, relate to our Duke hate.  Andre is currently playing pro ball in Belgium and stayed up until 1:00 AM to do do this, so I wanted to get his efforts out there.  It was a jam packed podcast as Darren Durham joined up with an update on the football coaching search, and James Streble, Jason Marcum, Wayne Hunter, and Daniel Solzman joined us as well.

We also had another special guest, Andy Bagwell, one of the authors of  “Duke Sucks”  joined us as well and it was a blast bashing the Dookies.  I can tell that Andy got a huge kick of talking to Andre about “the stomp” since he played in that game and we all loved being able to answer both Andy and Andre questions.

So when listening, keep in mind that I planned to release this at 10AM and ignore the time references.  I also have some copies of the book “Duke Sucks” and want to give them away and the clues on how to do so reside in the podcast, so you have to listen!

Also, if you are up late tonight, Jason Marcum will be appearing on ESPNU and the U-nite show at 12:00 AM EST.  He will be doing a debate with a Dookie blogger so stay up up or set the DVR.

As always, you can go to I-tunes and subscribe to the podcast or you can listen below.  Also, if you have an iPhone and have iO6 installed, there is a nifty podcast feature where you can subscribe and download the podcast to your phone.  You actually get the podcast earlier than we actually put it on the site!  And if you go to iTunes, give us a good rating.

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