Kentucky Wildcat Student Life: Difference between football/basketball fans is unfortunately Jekyll and Hyde




Walking down the halls of the classroom buildings on campus you can pick up on some pretty interesting conversations. Being the sports lover I am, my ears tend to perk up when I hear a conversation about sports in general, but especially UK athletics.

The overwhelming consensus seems to be that when football is brought up students have a few reactions: the groan, ask if we have won, or flat out say they couldn’t care less generally (I am an exception to this rule and I’m surely not the only one). When basketball is brought up, however, everyone is suddenly an expert. You can hear the excitement in the voices as they discuss our next recruits, who will start the next game, who we may or may not lose to, and so on.

The deeper it gets into basketball season, the more of a buzz there is on campus. Coming off a national title though its like the buzz never left. Students are excited when football starts; they’re ecstatic when basketball starts.

The student section in Commonwealth on its best day may never compare to the eRUPPtion Zone or student section in Rupp Arena, it’s like a totally different group of people. One section has half-hearted fans that clap and cheer and socialize, the other has people yelling and screaming with painted faces and chants galore, it’s day and night.

When basketball season arrives, the vibe on campus changes over night. Lots of students live and breathe Kentucky basketball. But it isn’t only the students that bring this change; it’s all of Lexington. Everything starts to have more blue- from storefronts to people’s clothing; UK even hung replica championship banners on light poles throughout campus. You see BBN come out in full force. Kentucky basketball truly never stops.

My hope for this is that the BBN can take some of this hype and pack Commonwealth this weekend for the Samford game, the last home game and senior night as well as Joker’s farewell. With a home basketball game Friday night it’s the perfect transition into football on Saturday. They say BBN has the greatest fans in the world, now is the time to prove it.



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