WBN Nightcap: Is It Worth It?

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Joker Phillips, God love him, is an example of the opposite. Can you picture Joker asking Mitch for more money in your head? My mind keeps producing Joker with his hat in his hands, avoiding eye contact and whispering that he needs more.  After Joker was fired he came out and said that he was fully supported, that he never asked for something from Mitch but was denied. I think that he lying to help out his friend Barnhart and to ensure that he gets his full buyout. Otherwise, he deserved to be fired on the fact that he apparently never asked for ANYTHING. A few cosmetic upgrades, dirt cheap contracts for his assistants and a bottom-feeder recruiting budget? Oregon State is FLYING A PLANE WITH THEIR NAME ON IT OVER HS GAMES THIS YEAR, you don’t think you could ask for a little pizzazz? Or replace those embarrassing fire extinguishers used during intro’s? How much does a smoke machine cost?  Petrino wouldn’t sit idly by and let this stuff happen.

So if you gets past Bobby Petrino the person,  you can really get behind Bobby Petrino the coach. He can build a winner in Lexington. He has moved around but has never gotten a school in trouble with the NCAA.  Cough, cough , or had any of his wins vacated. And yes, he will leave for something better. UK fans will just have to get used to that, after Joker flamed out there aren’t any Kentucky-loyal coaches out there who will win enough games to keep a job. Any coach will listen to better offers.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a good enough team that other schools might want to hire our coach away? Petrino immediately energizes recruiting, the fans, the players and likely helps UK secure the $100 in bonding authority they supposedly will ask the state for this winter.

Barnhart may not hire him, but if he has a chance to hire a winner but spurns him to hire some longshot, Mitch had better hope his guy wins. Because Petrino will win, possibly at Tennessee and football fans will never forgive him for botching this.  As Kentucky fans we always talk about what we would do to have a good football team, so ask yourself: Is it worth giving Petrino a chance to win? I say yes.

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