Kentucky Wildcats WBN Podcast: Cameron Mills talks UK basketball

It’s basketball season in the Bluegrass and is there a better way to celebrate than with a podcast?  Of course not.  And we have a real treat for you this week.  Former Wildcat and two time NCAA Champion Cameron Mills was a special guest last night and spent a few minutes giving his thoughts on the current team  and answering some questions on his time as a Wildcat.  Joining Cameron and I were James Streble, Jason Marcum, Wayne Hunter, and football editor Kyle.  Among the topics discussed?

  • How does Kentucky prepare for defending their national title?
  • Playing  Q/A with Cameron Mills
  • Was keeping Joker Phillips for the last two games a good call?
  • Bobby Petrino, Bobby Petrino, Bobby Petrino
  • other coaching options and will there be a search committee
  • Maryland Terrapin fans really hate Kentucky basketball
  • What teams do you hate?
  • Kentucky/Maryland predictions
  • and more

As always, you can go to I-tunes and subscribe to the podcast or you can listen below.  Also, if you have an iPhone and have iO6 installed, there is a nifty podcast feature where you can subscribe and download the podcast to your phone.  You actually get the podcast earlier than we actually put it on the site!  And if you go to iTunes, give us a good rating.

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