NCAA Basketball: Kentucky Wildcats vs Transylvania Pioneers Live Score Updates

Greetings all. It is the Kentucky Wildcats last exhibition game of the season and it will be a cross town battle against the Transylvania Pioneers. This is the second straight year that this exhibition game has happened.

This live blog is set up primarily to provide some details of the game and keep the score going constantly on the site. We have some of the WBN staff in the forums wanting to discuss the game with you as well and here is the link to join them.    This page will update automatically so if you can’t get the game, I will keep you up to date.  But feel free to check out the forums and discuss the game.  GO CATS

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  • Timothy Darrel Coleman Sr

    Offense was horrendous, Maryland is going to take us apart on Friday playing like this.

  • Paul Jordan

    haha noticed you left that at half probably. Did the second half change your mind? I don’t think anyone will pick us apart with this defense