Photo property Lyndsey Gough and the WBN

Kentucky Wildcat Student Life: Balancing Broadcast with Student Life


The University of Kentucky has given me so many opportunities, but by far  one of the most beneficial and for me the most fun is being able to get up in front of  a camera and broadcast. I am currently a sophomore and a broadcast journalism  major with sports emphasis.

This school year I got involved with Wildcat Student TV (WSTV) and their  sports program Kentucky Sports Zone. It has allowed me many opportunities  students anywhere, especially sophomores don’t tend to get. Through Sports Zone I  have covered two home football games and the post game press conferences as well  as a basketball press conference and a home basketball game and post-game.

Being courtside/on the sideline is an awesome feeling, I am getting to do  exactly what I want to do; thrown into the mix with journalists who have been at it  for years. The experience is so valuable for someone who hasn’t even had an official  broadcast class yet.

Photo property Lyndsey Gough and the WBN

Probably my favorite part of covering UK athletics is listening to John  Calipari’s press conferences. I really enjoy hearing what he is saying about the  young team and how he is pushing them and playing with lineups and such. Being  able to break stories like that is a pretty incredible feeling. I really like getting the  feel of the teams during the game from the sidelines, its an intense feeling when you
can hear the coaches yelling across at the players and not only watching the game  but hearing how they interact.

I like the student sections but I love being next to the action, it’s a good  feeling. Balancing writing for WBN, HerCampus UK, and working for WSTV in  addition to my sorority is a lot to take on, but at the end of the day it is 100% worth  it.  It doesn’t feel like work because UK athletics are my passion.

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