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Kentucky WIldcat Student Life: Living the dream from the eRUPPtion Zone

I remember my first UK game. It was John Calipari’s first season at Kentucky, a home  game against Auburn. I was sitting in the corner nose bleeders watching John Wall  and DeMarcus Cousins put on a show. I remember looking down at the eRUPPtion  Zone and thinking “one day”.

All I ever wanted was to attend the University of Kentucky. Growing up a Kentucky  Basketball fanatic (not fan), the eRUPPtion Zone was the Holy Grail of seats. I  couldn’t wait until the day when I could get tickets to all the basketball games.

My time finally came and last year I got to attend the majority of the home games  and was there to witness UK win a national title which was, hands down, one of the  greatest experiences I may ever have.

My freshman year (last year) I had to watch Big Blue Madness on TV, but I attended  the Blue/White Scrimmage; this year was the reverse. When I took my seat for BBM  this year I realized how surreal it all was. I was doing what I wanted to do my whole  life; I was sitting in the seats I used to wish for.

Watching these events isn’t bad on TV by any means, but absolutely NOTHING  compares to a sold out crowd in Rupp Arena. The noise, lights, videos and special  effects never seem to disappoint. After watching them on TV for years, being there  live exceeded the expectations.

I would say attending a Kentucky game is always worth it, no matter where the  seats are or who the opponent is. Something about the atmosphere in Rupp that  makes you fall in love with college basketball all over again. Looking around at all  the national championship banners, the retired jerseys of basketball legends, stars  in the making on the court and thousands of die-hard fans and you can’t help but get
cold chills, because honestly, there is nothing quite like it.

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