University of Kentucky Football: A Real Tragedy

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Friends. Romans. Countrymen. Lend me your ears.

I come here not to praise Caesar, but to bury him.

- Mark Antony, William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar


It’s time. Time for a change.  From ashes and ashes and dust to dust, today’s football game between the University of Kentucky Wildcats and University of Missouri Tigers started off as a football game and quickly turned into a funeral of sorts.  There’s no way that Joker Phillips can be the head football coach at UK next year.  I understand that he ended the losing streak against Tennessee and finally beat Steve Spurrier, but right now, this isn’t a very good football team.  And not only that, but there doesn’t seem to be any hope on the horizon.


For years, decades really, the UK Football program has sold hope. Hope that a brighter day was right around the corner. With the right players or coaches, the program could turn the corner and find itself in the second tier of SEC schools.  The fans in the Big Blue Nation have seen some of the most gut-wrenching losses and have kept coming back for more. The seven overtime game against Arkansas. The Bluegrass Miracle against LSU. And how many blowouts have the folks in Commonwealth Stadium been subjected to? Way too many to count. Yet, the fans kept coming. There were flashes of greatness, from the Alabama victory in 1997 and the triple overtime win against eventual national champion LSU in 2007.  But right now, who knows when that next highlight will come?


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