Billy Donovan can't handle the reality of "All Access" Kentucky Wildcats

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Mar 9, 2012; New Orleans, LA, USA; Florida Gators head coach Billy Donovan watches his team play the Alabama Crimson Tide in the first half of their game in the second round of the 2012 SEC Tournament at the New Orleans Arena. Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-US PRESSWIRE

It’s apparent that ESPN knew what they were doing when they signed up John Calipari and his Kentucky Wildcats for their “All Access” series. ESPN knew that they had an instant audience of several million members of the Big Blue Nation across the country, but you have to think they may not have been prepared for how big this thing is going to be. Recruits and players are definitely watching. . Pretty much every college basketball coach and pundit has been tuned in and talking about it non stop. Heck, even a Louisville Cardinal blogger who is supposedly biased to the Big East tweets about it more than I do.

And as expected, some of the people watching the show with a side serving of whine and cheese.  Garry Parrish had this quote from Donovan about the All Access show:


“If you’re using [the show] as a recruiting tool,” Donovan told USA Today’s Eric Prisbell at Thursday’s SEC media day down in Alabama, “I don’t think that is right.”


Other SEC coaches have joined the whine party as well.  Ole Miss’s Andy Kennedy chimed in with a “I’m sure Cal has got some creative control over the final edit.” comment.  And all over the country, college coaches and pundits are crying foul over the assumption that somehow this All Access show is giving Calipari an unfair advantage, despite the fact that Nick Saban and Coach K have had their own All Access entries.

Let’s get this straight.  John Calipari had five number one recruiting classes in a row locked up before the first All Access episode even aired.  This, my good friends, is why John Calipari and Kentucky are featured on All Access.  That and the 2012 National Championship.  It’s not a chicken or the egg argument here.  John Calipari was the honey badger of college basketball recruiting even before ESPN thought about this show?  The other coaches?  The Honey Boo Boo’s.

For all of these other coaches and writers to get upset about this is absurd.  John Calipari did not need an ESPN All Access to land John Wall.  Or DeMarcus Cousins.  Or Derrick Rose.  We can play this game for about 16 great players.  Calipari landed these players without a ESPN deal and the fact that people are whining he gets the recognition now is asinine.

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