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How Does The Marcus Lee Announcement Affect Julius Randle's Chances Of Choosing The Kentucky Wildcats?


With Marcus Lee set to announce his decision between California and Kentucky tomorrow afternoon, that leaves some people asking where that leaves #3 overall recruit Julius Randle.  Randle is a power forward, same position as Marcus Lee and depending on whether or not some players from this year’s Kentucky Wildcats squad leave for the draft, the post area could be a little crowded.  I think it is pretty much a forgone conclusion that Nerlens Noel will be gone after one year, barring an incredible let down or a season ending injury.  However, the question remains about both Willie Cauley-Stein and Kyle Wiltjer as to whether or not they will be ready for the NBA at the end of this season.  If both stay, and with the probable addition of Marcus Lee, Julius Randle would make a fourth big man for the Wildcats.

Granted, Julius Randle is a much different player than all three of the big men on this hypothetical roster.  With Willie Cauley-Stein and Marcus Lee being a skinnier build, much like Anthony Davis, and Kyle Wiltjer being a 3-point specialist, while Randle is a power player in the post, but with an unexpected quickness with his post moves.

Randle is ranked higher and is more talented than Marcus Lee so its obvious that Wildcats fans want Randle to come here, but the scenario is presenting itself of the chance to get both.  Randle’s minutes would only be slightly effected by Lee’s decision to come to Kentucky.  You have to figure that by that point in Kyle Wiltjer’s career, his junior season, that he has developed as a player and is better than he is now.  With Randle being more talented than Lee to begin with, I feel that it would be Wiltjer than Randle would be splitting time with more so than Lee.

Personally, I feel that the addition of Marcus Lee into the situation doesn’t really affect Julius Randle’s decision as much as people think.  Randle has the skill set to start right away at Kentucky, the real questions are who will be his backup and who will be starting at the other front court position.  If Randle wants to come here, the spot will be his for the taking, the decision is up to him.

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