John Calipari's 2013 Kentucky Wildcat Basketball class could approach GOAT territory

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July 13, 2012;Alexandria, VA USA;USA Midwest forward James Young (12) during the game against USA West during the Nike Global Challenge at Episcopal High School. Mandatory Credit: Evan Habeeb-US PRESSWIRE

With the addition of James Young to hios 2013 class, John Calipari has pretty much locked up his fifth straight top ranked recruiting class. Even bigger than that is the fact that with the addition of an Andrew Wiggins of Julius Randle, this class is infringing on GOAT territory: Greatest of All Time. At least, that is what one NBA Scouting Director told Adam Zagoria:


“On paper, for an NBA-type class certainly it’s the greatest of all time, you would think,” the Director of Scouting said by phone. “On paper it would be and yet there’s a lot to measure up to, too.”

The scout was referring to last year’s class that produced Calipari’s first national championship and the No. 1 and 2 picks in the NBA Draft in Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.

Still, speaking of the potential blockbuster class for 2013, the Director of Scouting said, “I mean, it’s mind boggling. What it tells me is NBA teams should just go rent a condo for the year in Lexington next year.”


Oh to be a real estate agent in Lexington after hearing that.  And the NBA scout is not done with his praise of Calipari and how he delivers talent to the bigs:


“Well, Cal does a good job of developing guys into being versatile players and being able to play the way he plays,” the Director of Scouting said.

“He doesn’t play a stereotypical game. He’ll use dribble penetration if that’s the right thing. He’ll throw lobs up to the rim. He develops players pretty well in terms of their versatility.

“I mean, how do you not have the ability to sell what Cal has done? He’s been to the Final Four multiple times. He’s won a national championship. He gets guys drafted.

“We don’t draft them because they play for Cal, we draft them because they’re great. And he recruits great players that we want.”


Oct 11, 2012; Lexington, KY, USA; Kentucky Wildcats head coach John Calipari speaks during media day at Memorial Coliseum. Credit: Mark Zerof-US PRESSWIRE

While I am sure that John Calipari at least appreciates the praise from the NBA types about the work he has done, he really does not give a bleep what his critics have to say. And he said as much at Kentucky’s media day yesterday:


“My staff gets mad,” Calipari said. They say, “ ‘How can they say this, and this, and that?’ ‘… What do you want them to say? We’re getting the kids. We’re winning every game. What, are they going to have a party for you? They’re not going to have a party for you.’ ”

Calipari said that his national title has motivated him to work harder and that he’s as engaged in recruiting as he’s ever been.

If that leads to more success for UK, he said, he won’t care what criticism he receives.

“Whatever (critics) think I am, I agree,” Calipari said. “Now let me go coach my team. Is that easy enough?”

Also from media day, John Calipari had this to say about the eligibility of Nerlens Noel. Take it how you want to:


“He will practice and if we played tomorrow, he would play”

Oct. 14, 2011; Lexington, KY USA; Kentucky Wildcats head coach John Calipari speaks to fans in front of players during big blue madness at Rupp Arena. Mandatory Credit: Mark Zerof-US PRESSWIRE

Big Blue Madness is now less than 11 hours away and this has become the national event to match. For me, the undeniable highlight of BBM under Calipari is Calipari’s “stump speech” in 2009. If that does not get you motivated to run through a wall, I don’t know what will. In case you are alien to Kentucky basketball and have no memory of it, here it is:

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