September 22, 2012; Gainesville FL, USA; Kentucky Wildcats quarterback Morgan Newton (12) throws the ball in the second quarter against the Florida Gators at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE

WBN NightCap: Leave Morgan Newton Alone


Kentucky’s football game in the Swamp today was ugly. Very frustrating. Kentucky’s defense, having been drug though the mud throughout the entire season came out and played like we thought they would before the season started. In an oh-so-Kentucky turn of events, starting quarterback Maxwell Smith was sidelined with a dinged up shoulder.

Senior Morgan Newton would start the game.  “Oh no.” thought the Kentucky faithful. Then Newton started the game with a 25-yard screen and a quick completion.  He almost hit Demarcus Sweat on a go route that likely would have scored a touchdown and given the Wildcats an early lead. Then the wheels came off. Newton started getting erratic again, overthrowing a wide-open Jon George for a pick. The Cats D would stand again and intercept Florida QB Jeff Driskell to negate the turnover. But Newton came back and threw another interception, this one for a touchdown. He threw another in the first half that should have lead to a last second UF field goal, if not for poor clock management by the Gators. Incredibly Newton started the 2nd half too. The results were familiar.

Here’s the deal. It’s not Morgan Newton’s fault. Newton has long been an inaccurate passer, now he is an inaccurate passer recovering from shoulder surgery. He went out there and did his best to help win a football game. His best simply wasn’t very good at all. All fans can ask of a player is to try their hardest and that is what Newton has done for Kentucky whenever he has been called upon. So tweeting Newton that he sucks and that you hope he tears his ACL maks you a douchebag. Nothing. Go watch basketball. Or stop watching Kentucky altogether, you are the scum at the bottom of this fanbase.

You have every right be to mad however, at the coaches. Despite Newton’s obvious troubles throughout the game, they didn’t go to Jalen Whitlow until the game was well out of hand. Inserted him at his own 5, at that. I can’t say that this decision lost the game, but the results of playing Whitlow couldn’t have been much worse. He probably throws a few interceptions, he is a true freshman in The Swamp, but he also likely completes some passes. He should have been playing after the 2nd Newton interception. The decision to not make a change is inexcusable.  A week after the WKU loss people were talking about Joker having a chance for a future at Kentucky. I can’t imagine much talk from anyone who watched this game. They didn’t even try to win.

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